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I’m Calum Rogers, I’ve been riding and racing bikes since late 2017. I’ve tried out MTB, cyclocross, audax, crit racing, and cycle touring, and I’ll be using my blog to share my experiences and lessons learned.

In ordinary life, I worked in the cycle advocacy sector for three years. Before this I worked for over four years in the built environment and engineering sector, doing bid writing, communications and public relations work. At the same time, I was supporting the National Trust at the Cliveden Estate and on the Maidenhead and Cookham Commons as a volunteer ranger. I left to read a full time Master’s Degree at SOAS in late 2018, during which I worked as a cycle courier to stay in revenue.

In 2022 I diversified my career, doing freelance event support work and ride as a cycle courier Monday-Friday. I took this as a break for the betterment of my mental and physical health which many of us have been struggling with in the past few years. I am very fortunate to have this as an option.

You can find out more about me via my LinkedIn account.

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Media appearances

6 April 2021

ITV London News: I spoke with journalist Antoine Allen as a representative of the London Cycling Campaign on why cycle theft at hospitals was a critical problem and barrier to cycling

25 November 2020

Francis Cade Youtube channel: I represented the London Cycling Campaign in showing why the it was important that the Royal Parks stop through-traffic on Richmond Park roads

13 August 2020

Francis Cade Youtube channel: I represented LCC sharing why the COVID crisis made it a priority to enable safe and enjoyable cycling in London, and the key ways this should be achieved

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